Friday, February 10, 2012

an impromptu

She broke down while presenting on "my father".
The thing is, I prepared plenty of simple topics.
food.drinks.recycling.father.mother.teacher.flower.night market.
yepp things like that.

As long as they could speak coherently, is enough for me.
Oh.. I was fined 20 sen yesterday for speaking English.
"why not?" I asked in dismay.
"Sepuluh sen lagiiii" they yelled at the top of their lung. Ngehhhh..

"Lupa ye? Semalam Ce* cakap tak boleh cakap bahasa English dalam kelas", Fikah Alias reminded me.. Ohhh okkk.. honestly, I totally forgot.
Ok.. back to the girl.
She broke down after the 5th sentence. A few of her friends were in tears too.
I was touched to find how deeply she missed her late father.

Me too dear.
All the time.

p/s gambar dari google

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