Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Q:"For once, after all these years, do you love me?"

A:Love you, but can't do much"

Well.. this particular someone showed me the text message. And she broke into tears.
She sobbed uncontrollably for some while.
I really lost for words.

Nak cakap apa pun?
takkan nak tipu..its ok he'll come back, things will get better bla bla
macam tu ke?
malas lah saya.

tapi saya memang ada niat nak cakap
stop it, pathetic la u ni...

Nasib baik saya x cakap.
It been weeks.
Nampaknya she still can't get over it.
Called her just now n she cried bitterly.

Ari tu saya x pikir pun.
Tapi skang saya terpikir.. apa yang can't do much nyer?
Since I know both of them very well, I think I knew how much it hurts her.
I think if u really love someone, u'll find a way.
Maybe he just not.

Maybe he just doesn't know how much she loves him..
She is.
More than u could imagine.

p/s pls stop crying...

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