Friday, March 30, 2012

A miss is as good as a mile..

Blame it on Mr Hong, my English teacher (iskk) he just taught us d above idioms, meaning... kalah sikit pun kira kalah jugak. So, I do not know d proper words for, menang sikit pun kira menang jugak..

See... y can't people always look at the bright side of something (ingatan untuk diri sendiri)

It is definitely not easy to win, let alone to stay on TOP for the past.... errr...10, 11, 15 years?
Me? My RAM sucks so could not remember since when the team hold d Champion title..
Since Monday, the kids n coaches under d scorching sun, work non stop to make us proud. they never failed us in the past. We are praying very very hard for them.
There are 25 schools, and hundreds of kids (ce la cari data yang tepat iskk).
Vying for no one position.
In the end.. only one will emerge as the champion..
It's good to be on top again.. yeayyy!!!
We have one of these persons to thank of.

p/s entry skema.
p/s thank u eh...

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