Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Curse like a sailor.

Most of the time, if I m being honest.

It started last night.
Mom lamented that the freezer is too full to store all the provisions we bought yesterday.
So, after Maghrib, I drove to 12A, for only one reason, nak simpan segala benda alah tu dalam peti ais.
Unfortunately my mind is working overtime thinking about something or maybe, this particular someone, if  I m being honest to myself. Nope. No elaboration on that.

I couldn't function properly when I m in this condition.
Could not eat either. Suddenly life becomes extremely complicated.
The best is going to sleep early, but it keeps nagging me all night long.
Ceh!!! serious stress nih.

Woke up at 5.30a.m, planned to go to work early.
Searched high n low for car keys, to no avail. Dem.
Habis satu rumah kena punggah, but still tak nampak bayang. Dem.
I know nobody could help me out even though if I wailed non-stop for, 3,4,5,6,7 hours.
Still, you know, what else to do except crying...

For the very first time (well...) I was thinking of finding a errr.. house mate?
Someone who can help me find the err.. car keys?
Then, it came across my mind, never mind..

Called a friend at work, to relay message that I'll be late.
That's after no one pick up the office fixed line.
Besides, I positively think, he was at the office.
Tiada sebab2 lain (apsal beria2 saya menjelaskan cess!!)

Then, I tried something unthinkable.
Since one of the doors of my keter-cap-ayam is unlock, ..
Dem*. The keys was there all the time.

Siapa ajela yang letak kunci tu kat situ?
tension betul..

Maybe I shud stop thinking about,.... u know.
But I just can't.

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