Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dia kata saya well-dressed

This morning we have important visitors who makes all of us nervous.
I couldn't finish my brekkie, which means tu memang stress tahap gaban since normally saya akan makan dua jenis meals for brekkie.

One of the visitors came into my class.
I offered him a seat and of course lesson plans, but he refused, said he just wanted to look around.
He praised the classroom and the mind maps which they prepared.
He praised the kid for being so keen and eager to learn, "because of the teacher agaknya" dia kata.
Ok.. not really. These kids memang rajin x kirala sapa pun mengajar.
He praised  them for being neat and clean and he added, "the teacher is also well-dressed, no wonder pelajar akan ikut".

Goshh!!! Seumur hidup, x pernah ada sapa pun cakap saya well-dressed.
Partly sebab saya memang xder baju cantik, mainly sebab kalau pakai baju cantik pun saya xkan nampak cantik jugak. *sigh*

Tu je la cerita hari ni.
Saya rasa pujian ni x kan berulang, considering saya memang sloppy.

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