Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Few things in life are better left unsaid

Isn't it wonderful if there is Kembang Cina around?
Kembang Cina is one of the characters in Hikayat Malim Deman (The Adventures of Malim Deman).
She is described as "belum dipanggil dah datang, belum disuruh datang" (comes before called to, gone before asked to go).

Because, at the moment, there are few things which I detested,
n reluctant to do, but couldn't say so.

I need a mind reader, who could read my mind,
Hopefully the mind reader would understands.
save me the trouble of voicing my heart's content.

It is nothing personal, seriously.. please don't take it personally..
Boleh ke saya cakap mcm tu sebagai mukaddimah?
Weird je bunyinya...

Since the one that I wished to talk to is not Kembang Cina,
besides, I am so lousy in relaying message without hurting his/her feelings,
therefore, the best I could do is remain quiet.
*double stress*

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