Friday, April 13, 2012

lesson learnt

"Kita x tau nak cakap ngan sapa, kita cakap ngan awak boleh", a fren, jalan jengket2 (why? hahaha)towards me, n shoved herself on a vacant blue chair, beside me.

Judging from her face, I know something dreadful would come out.
To begin with, we r not that close. I believe in the saying
The less people you chill with, the less problems you deal with.

Once she finished her story, my jaw dropped. I mean..
Ok.. I didn't mean anything. I didn't mean to drop my jaw either.

"I thought you purposely don't want to finish YOUR job?" I mean, initially that was what came across my mind when I saw, someone else doing the editing.
When I saw the final product, seriously a errr.. disappoinment compared to the one which she did the year before.

"tahun lepas lg dh siap, tp ada masalah kat printing, then early this year I sent pendrive, pembetulan for d dummies, kenapa mereka x guna yang itu, kenapa nak buat semula yang lain? kenapa nak suruh org lain. now u tgk ... sapa yang nak mengaku bila salah cetak" dia tanya bertubi.. macam salah kaunter je.

Definitely not norizan adnan la kan...
Lesson learnt, if someone ask you to finish off somebody task, baiklah siasat dulu apa ke kekdahnya... Especially if it involves high volume (tetiba)...
Or maybe if it involved d external auditor (in my case years ago).
While your intention, kenkononnya pure, it might raised some issue in the later years.
Would u willing to shoulder the responsibilities?

"sampai kita pun tertanya dengan diri sendiri, engkau kenapa? nak cari nama sangat ke?" dia tanya. That engkau is referring to other, norizan adnan had absolutely nothing to do with it.

It makes me thinking though...
Pernah x saya berlakon lebih2 sebab nak membodek?
mmmmmm... (masih memikir)

In my humble opinion, it is as easy as ABC.
If u do something to butter up ur upper echelon, we wished u the best of luck.
But please remember, the upper echelon comes n go. (ingatan untuk diri sendiri)

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