Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Feeling good when woke up in my own hawaii-blue bed.
The team is on an off day. Prior to that, last night at not so ungodly hours I send a reminder to Shrul n Rzlan, to ensured them that it is a LEGAL holiday. 

Hahaha.. Precaution beb, because secretly I think they loathed this holiday thingy, if they had their way, mau subuh2 buta dah sampai tempat kerja this morning. When I relayed d message 2 days ago, macam2 diorang berdua ni tanya. Ada unsur2 ungrateful disitu hahha..Please, after working on long weekend, I badly need a break. Seriously, I m so exhausted. Ok seriously.

Work wise, it was great. Good team work. Even though most of the time, I was either sleep (with my eyes open) or driving recklessly. The kids were good too. Unlike the years before, this year I took time to spend  some quality time with team mates n watched as many events as I could. Reason? 

For the first time also, I nothing to complain.

Despite I hate sleeping in dormitory after spending many2  years in hostel but I kinda like it this time, because the room mates were cool. We normally chatted until fell asleep.

Normally I despised hostel food, but then in SMK RAJA Perempuan Bainun, Ipoh, the food was superb. The kitchen ladies are extremely generous, they allowed me to tapau a tray (mind u!) sausages and roti telor enough for 50pax which later we send to SMK Anderson, because they boys complained about their meals (no elaboration)

Previously, I could not stand the heat at the stadium (alasan). This time around I stayed most of the time. Tak kisahla kalau saya sleeping with my eyes open wide pun. At least physically I was there. Hahaha

I always adored the kids dari dulu, n d friends pun kot... 

Make short, smer benda pun saya suka la. 
Dapat cuti saya suka jugak..

So that, I could do laundry, grocery and visiting Elly's adorable junior, Amna Zahira..
i like..

Happy working everyone!

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