Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sebab saya pendiam jangan tanya banyak sangat

Seriously, I've been worried about someone's health recently. Which I shouldn't, but I did la kan. I guessed it is perfectly normal thing to do, concerned about others or someone close to us (hahaha alasan).

But it is definitely not normal bila orang tu x nak cakap apa, kita lak paksa2 suh cakap jugak.. Which I did, n regret it so much. Nampak macam ______ (ok u can fill in the blank, don't let me know d answer, else, saya akan kecik hati nanti).

Looking back, I wrote about my concerned on his health a year ago. Here to be exact.
My point is, when it comes to health issue, saya memang concerned lebih2..
Even kalau makcik kantin tetiba kurus pun saya akan tanya lebih2 jugak hahahah.

So, wishing u a speedy recovery (whoever u r la kan..)
Please don't overwork urself.

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