Friday, April 27, 2012

What's your favourite drinks?

A once gud-friend-but-now-not-anymore said his favourite drinks is Ribena.
We were on the way to a wedding some ten years ago, someone's wedding of course, when he stopped to buy a packet of Ribena. Nope, he is older than me, in case u r thinking I went out with a teenager. Hahaha

After years, I've never seen him buying any Ribena during any of our outings.

Saya xder keperluan nak tanya, "do u still like Ribena?", "Let me treat u Ribena", "I thought u prefer Ribena than this drinks" or "is Ribena still ur favourite drinks?".

Even when I typed all those questions, it definitely looks silly to me.
Guess,sometimes we don't really mean what we say.
Or maybe, we thought we liked something, because of other reasons.
Silly reasons only we, ourselves could understand.

I almost forgot about the Ribena Man whom I met, say once a year.
That is when he could find time in his tight schedule, tapi rasanya tahun ini, dan tahun2 seterusnya memang tidak akan ada masa kot... Susah bila kawan2 dah kayo ni.

It just that, last Tuesday, kat supermarket tu ada banyak betul Ribena.
New packaging lagi. The latest flavour (ke saya sorang je yang baru tau?) is Blackcurrant with lime juice. 100% juice katanya. My aunt yang beli, kita orang testing...

Ok la... Sedap jugak.
Ce korang try...


zino said...

adik suka tu.. boleh la anta rumah pakngah sekotak dua hehe

Kengkawan said...

booleh saja