Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wrong time, wrong place, pleasant experience

It was a hot n humid Sunday afternoon. Just coming back from Sunday class, n I stopped at Kedai Xerox. They were busy so have to wait, n I couldn't stand the heat no more.

So I walked into a Cyber Cafe. There was only a man who occupied one pc and a boy manned the counter. Great! I felt guilty entering crowded CC with my long Jubah, kang tertekan lak budak2 sekolah who frequented the CC on Sunday tgk ustazah masuk.

The man (in his late 20s) humming to himself. He was on headphone. If he saw me, he didn't show it. Then another man (also in his late 20s) came in. I don't know his name, but we've met few times, if I remembered correctly the first time we bumped into one another was when kitaorang lawan main dam aji. It was a competition n he won.

He asked me a few questions, n it really make me embarrassed to be there. X kanla saya nak cakap saya masuk CC sbb hari panas n tgh tunggu org tu siap xerox.

I excused myself, and called Baby, "Babe, abt the thing u said, wa googled sekarang ye" saya cakap agak convincing kot over the phone. Prior to that mmg la kitaorg ada diskas something, tp x la sampai x menyempat nk google.

Minutes later, the singing man took off his headphone. By this time dia memang dah nyanyi at the top of his voice, adeii..

"pelan sangatla sound kat sini", he complained "mana sound paling best?" dia tanya.

"Pc12 tapi akak ni pakai" adik kat kaunter tu cakap.

That man bangun, stood behind me, n keep on singing.
I mean.. hello?

Sebenarnya sy mmg x nak duk lama kat CC, tapi sbb dia beria sangat menyanyi tu, saya pun buat bodoh je x mau bangun. Kesian, nanti xder plak penonton..

That man, terus g to another pc, n sang songs loudly.
Bukan patutnya dia g karaoke ker?

Maybe dia tertanya soklan yg sama, what d hell i did in CC ngan pakai jubah gitu.
That is, kot dia perasan sebenarnya ada orang lain selain dia dalam CC hari tu..

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