Monday, May 21, 2012

It's Monday.. again.

A few of our colleagues, received their transfer news.
Nora, Jie and Ustaz Arif.
Euphoric response, as expected.

Halmi said, dia nak tunggu sangat bila Norizan Adnan nak transfer.
Shrul also said d same thing.
Kalau dah nak kiamat sangat kot, baru saya mintak transfer lagi.
That's after plan nak pindah ke East Coast in 2006 gone awry
(long story anyway...)

This week is MSSM Track and Field Tournament.
Wished em' luck.
It's kind of errr.. funny when I came to school dis morning and saw stack of questions papers and an envelope with my friend's name on it.
And a pendrive in it.

Kind of remind me,
Banyak lagi kerja x siap..


hajiMete said...

selamat hari cikgu yee.. ehhhee

Kengkawan said...

thnx en me hehhe