Monday, May 14, 2012

straight-laced vs poker face

Macam x sesuai je.
That's because satu hari dia tegur pasal attire.. ok tegur many-many other things which she found a bit errrr... improper to her likings but she forgets Allah boleh je terbalik kan hati dia dan later dia pulak buat perkara yang sama.
Why is that with u people? Can't you respect other's choice?

Dulu-dulu I was extremely annoyed with her ramblings, tapi after sometimes I began to kind of adopted a new defensive skills--> keeping my poker face.

This morning had to see her over something.
She irritated over something, as usual.
I keep on my poker face.
She stares, me too.

Who wins?
You might ask.
Of course not Norizan Adnan.

Maybe Lady Gaga kot

1 comment:

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