Sunday, June 10, 2012

almost over

This morning we bid good bye to adiba, kokuman, the twins n daniel.
Ya n ecah were also went home with baby n mak long.
we'll miss em badly. thats for sure.

after they left, mak capai cangkul n terus gardening.
adik capai kunci motor n g kerja.
uda g turun, n i left for 12A.
macam nak cuci kain n mopping floor.
tapi d floor is sparkling clean, thanx to nadia n the twins yang hari2 mop lantai.
i lost my desire to consume any food.
ngehhhhh.... n instead of cuci kain,
i try to read a story book.
Cinta Pandang Kedua tajuknya..
either buku tu mmg x berapa best, r mmg mood saya x berapa bagus.
after third chapter i put it down n fell asleep.


zino said...
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zino said...

selamat kembali ke sekolah...

Kengkawan said...

Ok la kot tq