Saturday, June 09, 2012

late nite visitor

woke up at 3a.m n intended to watch d first  Euro12 games.
nope, i m not into futball. saja xder kerjaya.
the sight of d girls scampered on the living room really put me off.

kazen ejat n his new wife, cu na n twins r in 12A.
because they were stucked in massive traffic jam@northsouthhighway last nite, so they decided to sleep over.
saya mmg suka org dtg, but then i was under d weather last nite, so 
nak angkat cwn pun x larat means nk kemas rumah pun x larat jugak
sgt  x presentablela...

only dis morning i had a chance to chat with them,especially the new bride.
and i havent talk to my aunt, like forever... 
d last time we met she was bz preparing fo ejat's wedding.
i wished they wud stay longer...

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