Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nak bodek pun agak-agakla bang...

The Sunday event went well.

Even once the official event had ended, many of the tamanfolk still thronged the marquee.
Jenny and her family who had moved out earlier this year also present. I told them how much I missed them. Ni bukan cerita bodek.

The truth is, whenever I had bad dreams and woke up at the middle of night, I always take the comforter and lie down at the hall, because most of the time, theirs were the only person who still wide awake. The sound of people chattering (tak kisahla la dalam bahasa Cina pun) and playing mahjong really comforts me. I still have bad dreams:), the sleepless night juz unbearable sometimes, how I wished they were still there.

Yang ni versi bodek.
Well, Datuk Ong Ka Chuan officiate the ceremony.
One of the speakers praised him for being the people-friendly MP because since the past four years the taman had opened, he had come five times for various events.
(Saya tak perasan pun kalau speaker tu x cakap),
"I can assured you Datuk, all 415 will go for you in the next election" he added.
Hello? I can see few light blue flags on some houses...

"This is the kind of politician that we want. Always there for rakyat. Unlike someone who should not be name, NEVER come here. No way we will choose him again" wahhhh berapi-rapi dia cakap..
berapi2 saya membawak cerita dalam blog ni.

While the current MP definitely has an impressive track record, but then
adakah sesuai kita mengaibkan orang sewaktu Majlis Sambutan Hari Raya?
I thought Majlis Hari Raya is about coming back to our fitrah.

Apart from that incident, I had a great time mingling with neighbours.
While enjoying lemang, rendang, soto, nasi himpit, kuah kacang, serimuka, kuih raya and kole kacang we talked about everything under the sun.

Guess the next time we'll meet would be after Eidul Adha.


cHeRyNa PiReS said...

My father used to tell me that politics is used when one have no capability in doing other things.

And it's a talent, mind me saying this:)

Kengkawan said...

in dis case he's right,
d speaker whom i mentioned was fired couple of years ago.
but he is a gud man, a better one if he's not trying to bodek.
btw i miss u reading ur blog much:-)