Friday, September 07, 2012

Saya xder apa tice, betul saya ok.

Honestly I do not know what makes her, u know, making a scene.
People said that is because the "unseen things" and all.
Not that i don't believe all those things exist. To be frank tengok cerita seram kat TV3 pun saya ble x berani nak masuk tidur pas tu.
It just that, since I m a big time penakut, so I prefer to believe, while you do not know how to deal with those mysterious "things" you can always take precautions on something you have a knowledge how to handle with.

The person.

Therefore, after talked to few people (termasuk yang baca blog ni) i concluded that this kid will, u know.. in three circumstances,
1. when she is under stress
2. fatigue
3. fear.

I tried my best to minimised that especially part 1.
Tapi dia ni rajin sangat, n sangat bersungguh.. few times her friends asked her to sit back n relax n do not have to worry things.

Baru je saya nak tunjuk rajin doing something, dia mesti nak tolong.. hahhaha bila saya cakap jangan, she will goes as d entry title.

Comel kan?
Alhamdulillah, d day ends well...
Apart from that, akibat kekerapan saya suruh dia relax, (saya pun ambil kesempatan relax sekali) honestly, saya dah tak takut dia lagi:)

Hopefully dia akan ok, sampai bila-bila,

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