Monday, September 17, 2012

she's emo hahaha

biasa eh... bila kita ckp n ppl tend to disagree passionately so he/she would be labelled as Sangat Emosional. most of the ti gme, we never asked ourself, what we did wrong sampai kena pangkah idea tu.. hahaha

well tu intro.
last nite i went to an open house,
i m full, but ever since i learnt that x memenuhi jemputan tu dikira zalim dalam islam,
so there i was.
seated among a bunch of ladies yewww...

maybe in their daily life, it is a norm lawak sindir menyindir.
but i found it sgt irritating n simply said, "terima kasih".
then i excused myself n meet the host.

she's a nice n soft spoken lady.
we rarely speak unless it is something important.
to be honest i rarely speak to anyone unless ada hal.

that's why i kind of salute dengan ketabahan mereka buat degrading lawak macam tu.
it's not funny.
please dont try to be funny either.

afterwards i busied myself with

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