Friday, September 21, 2012

theres no point giving reason

the one who likes u wont need it, d one who dont, wont believe it

For instance, my ex-classmate who told me he will come to Malaysia in September, texted he wont, he will attend short course in Singapore somewhere in October.
My reply was only " oh ok".
Malas nk tunjuk over sgt, even though dlm hati ada sedikit keciwa x dpt tunjuk skills menghafal nama bangunan sekitar Kelumpo..

I didn't expect any explanation though, but then, when he send a lenghty one pada satu Maghrib sewaktu saya sedang memandu bersama d kids.  n I replied ASAP, to show him, sedikit pun hal itu tidak memberi kesan kepada emosi saya, unless kalau korang nak buat dajal n translate dis entry to him.. cess..
guessed d matter settled:)
 n we will back to our twice a year text message,
on new year n Chinese New Year, even I wasnt sure whether he is Buddhist ke x.... belasah je la..

n juz now I received another explanation text message.
balasan kepada soalan saya pagi tadi, kenapa harus saya menjadi kambing hitam menggantikan tempatnya for such short notice.
Don't get me wrong.
Last week pun saya jadi scapegoat jugak, but I really like him (yess... d one yg cakap he couldnt go because he is weariing baju melayu, n i was like, heyy I m wearing baju kurung too)
since, all this while kalau saya mintak tolong apapun, x pernah lagi dihampakan, so I really dont mind.

But this week is dif.
We r not even frens (bcoz frens owez stick with one another, n u did not, n dont think we dunno la hehe) to start with.
So kasi la explanation sepanjang Sungai Amazon pun.

on 2nd tot..
I do not know sesuai x simpulan bahasa kambing hitam dan Sungai Amazon itu dijadikan metafora.



cHeRyNa PiReS said... takes time for you to forgive. tp...i leave that to u. and...kalau sha pon marah:)

pasal kambing itam and sungai amazon...takpe pakai metafora yg difahami.

Dr bahasa konon bunga tapi memeningkan kepala:P

Kengkawan said...

selected marah, hahaha