Thursday, October 04, 2012

Too bad he has no brother:(

We were discussing a job related thingy when suddenly ceritanya dah melencong ke kedai emas. because one of d kids who was kind of his pet (saya rasala) is getting married, tu yg tetiba masuk cerita.
He surprised me for his vast knowledge on where to get good bargain n which jewellery shop offers better design. it never crosses my mind this person knew such things, because I dont know so I kinda expect org lain pun jahil gak.. heehehe oopss.. ok not funny.

I made mental note to check on d jewellery shops that he mentioned.
but then sbg manusia biasa yg suka jaga tepi kain orang, saya eksaited when he said, he used to take d wifey to d kedai emas coz it owez him that initiated d first move coz she never once asked him to. 
mak aihhh... if I were him, misti hari hari buat sujud syukur dpt wife baik mcm tu.

Somehow, otak saya dimulut plak... so used to thinking aloud..dem*
"x la"... he added on few more info. 
wait... HE bought his wife jewelleries. (please not d plural form ok)
Gosh... it must be great to be in his wife shoes, tak payah mintak terus dapat.

Otak pompuan ngan lelaki mmg x sama kan, while his focus was sorely on data, I was thinking something you know... as ppl fondly called it as  "out of d box thinking"...

opportunity doesn't knock twice katanya.
bukan hari2 saya  courageous enough nak nak cakap merepek cenggini.
dengan pantasnya saya bertanya soklan febret saya, " eh.. ada abang x?".

I know it was silly when dgn super pantas, in a nano second he answered,
"abang takde".

perbualan habis di situ. saya cepat cepat pergi takut x pasal2 kena tazkirah.


p/s gambar dari google. 

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