Tuesday, July 23, 2013

14th Ramadhan: the blue seeps in

Hav e u ever feel so lethargic n juz cant move ur feet out from d bed?
And u start recalling d food u consumed, the things you had done n d dreams which still out of ur reach...

n suddenly u feel sangat sesuatu, n instead of make ammend you start feeling depressed n so unmotivated to pursue anything that u want most, n so dear to ur heart...

in time like this,
you juz weeping n wish things wud be allright.
it wont.

shopping is a good therapy, but suddenly u realized, money NEVER grows on tree.
despite ur horrible state, u state, u still have to go to work, put on d plastered smile n pretend ur life is nothing but A bed of roses.

Have u peep?

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