Thursday, July 25, 2013

d boss in news

d rumours blew strongly yesterday, when someone received d call from d other someone that our boss reported duty at his place.

banyakla speku.
saya dengar n jadi tukang sampai kat d other friend.
saya takut dia tertekan kalau tiba tiba d boss hilang dari pandangan...

n dis morNing D news tambah kencang...
i really scared to take part because few people r discussing about making pulut kuning summore...
as i always w selfrite in dis blog, kuning was never top of my list.
I prefer GREEN hehe...

honestly, no matter how much we did not sebulu in d past, but then since all those things r hal2 kerja, so i never take it personally. i believe d boss pun gitu...
belum pernah lagi hati saya tersinggung kerana serangan peribadi melulu darinya, tapi yang dia tegur hal2 profesional tu, semuapun in d end dah diselesaikan dengan penuh profesional jugak. 

That is why, when people planning dis lawak celebration, i dont have d heart to be part of them. 

Anyway, dis morning, i bumped into her..

me: oo izit true? i heard ppl talk dat u wud be transferred?
her: yeah.. i was caught surprised as well, 

dan dia pun cerita. in English. guessed that is one of a few reasons why i kinda like her. kenkadang saya feeling lebih bila spiking.. macam x kena mengena...
maybe i shud say something like, "wat a lost", r "u'll b missed ke" ke, tapi norizan yang suci hati xkan cakap macam tu. i wud never say something yg mushy cenggitu especialy when we r a mere colleague.
but still, she had my utmost respect for her selfless behaviour n hard work. 

instead of cakap things yg akan put both of us in awkward position, i shook her hand. 
n dashed off to my class n asked d kids if they dont mind to chip in to buy farewell gift.
d boss likes tote, was thinking of finding one, d kids ok jer... 

well, it was totally dif when KC moved out before.
let juz say, words hit as hard as fist.
besides, people juz know when u did something for personal glory or for d sake of others' good. 
i must say, d current boss sangat jujur n selfless(dah 2x guna dis word ni).
when u r too jujur n selfless, some quarter may see it as a threat, in a way u ll make new enemies.

tapi Mother Theresa dah cakap, in d final analysis, it is always between u n  Him, not them anyway. 

I wished d boss wud remain 

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