Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dont call her please.... we r scared of HER

I mixed up d timetable again yesterday.  I went to another class, only to be interrupted 5 mins later by another teacher.
Takkan nak berperang lak kan.. so I went out, n finished up marking.

By midday, a boy asked me why didnt I come up to their class.. Haishh... d new timetable ni mmg chaos la...
I was quite confused y none of d kids dtg panggil.. sgt sesuatu ni..

N this morning, Wanie shared something amusing.
Ni x bole jadi ni... I have to clarify hehehe..

Afterall I have class with them today:)

me: Cikgu Wa told me u refused to call me yesterday because u r scared of me?
kids: *grin*
me: I m so sorry if I ever hurt your feelings, personally. Tapi if i marah sebab belajar x fokus, homework x siap, tulisan comottttt... tu memang i sengaja nak marah..
kids: we thought u bizi ticer..

cett.. alasan.
if i were stucked with something else, I will see them first n leave some worksheets. It's teaching 101 ye tuan puan, or maybe replace d class. sangat sengaja...

Before this, when I were late, diorang akan cari n offer to help me out with books from other class, or carry d big bags, sometimes handbag pun boys request nak tolong bawak.
Baik budak2 ni sebenarnya..

It juz that, after mid year, berjemaah diorang flunk so saya rasa, saya dah tak boleh nak tolerate with their lackaidisical attitude towards lesson.
So drama kungfu pun bermula..

dont get me wrong....
zaman sekarang mana boleh sentuh pelajar...

But then, lepas bertahun2 jumpa pe'el macam ni,
let juz say, i m quite expert in berkungfu tanpa sentuhan.

but still...
anyway, if lately ppl see me with mary jane instead of high heels,
dat means, i have to be kungfu masterji.. again.

I love them so much, hari hari saya kasi tau diorang,
they juz dunno how much.


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