Monday, October 07, 2013

of food and father

Photo: Happy birthday Yaya

Yaya, one of d kids is very thoughtful. Today she brought yummilicious chocolate cupcakes for each of the classmate, and the ticer too. I like!!!

It was awakward, coz Imah was fasting.
Goshhh... when I was her age, x pernah pun saya posa sunat every Monday.

By mid day I was totally sleepy.
If only Man is still around, misti saya duduk menyempit dengar dia bercerita:(
How I miss u my pren..

Instead saya duduk kat tepi d other fren, because he was d only one available (the other two was busy attending to d kids). He was reluctant, nothing new..
.. and his eyes glued to the lappie.... heh?

The topic was food.
You know peeps, sometimes we could tell lots about people when they divulged details on eerrr... food. No elaboration.
You are what you eat katanya kan...

It was when he speaks about his father which I guess  tetiba our conversation getting all mushy.
Goshh.. guess it was me  yang terasa mushy  x tentu pasal.

Dia cakap, his father used to prepare food on their request, or maybe belikan je but the point is, he would go at great length get whatever the sons wanted to eat. 
Aren't all fathers the same?

My late father always do the same too.
Ada banyak makanan yang dulu saya suuukaaa sangat makan tapi sekarang saya tak mau makan dah, because it always reminds me of him.

Pernah tak saya cakap saya sangat sayangkan ayah saya?
Yess. With all my heart.

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