Sunday, November 03, 2013

Ni je pun...

Dear nieces

I know u r dying to know what I get from Langkawi.

A red kettle coz d whistling kettle I have currently is Opah's and it was 20 years old. It is only RM39.90.
4 white towels for guest room because d one that we bought together at ikea 4 years ago were too old. RM13 each, hard to get white towel with that price these days. Of course only white for guest room. Senang nak clorox.
A non-stick double grill pan which costs RM99. I dunno.. everyone I know have it, so I just jump d bandwagon:-)
A sling bag. It is RM29.90. I think it is a bit pricey  but it is roomy enough for 10inch tablet, which I dont have

Adala sesikit..
nanti ye..

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