Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ampunkan dosanya..

Jika ada.

 Sebab saya rasa macam tak ada je.
At least dengan saya memang tak ada dosa apa-apa.
In fact saya selalu cakap dengan the other friend,  Jan ni betul2 baik budaknya.

Seingat saya, setakat ini ada dua orang je budak yang saya kategorikan gini.
Yang pertama namanya Aisyah.No elaboration though...

Jan ni tutur kata memangla sopan. Budi bahasa pun tinggi. Kawan-kawan dia pun macam tu juga.
But there was something special that set him apart.

It was in January.
D class is notorious for u-name-it-misti-kelas-ni-terbabit.
There is a girl  yang semua orang pangkah. Budak2...

Satu hari saya buat games. At the end of d lesson, they shud vote someone. Lupa pulak vote sebab apa, effort ke r presentation. That was group work, everyone refused to be in her group. I wished I could shoot them (figurative ok..)

During voting, each one of them looked excited, except Jan and maybe that poor girl. He was deep in thought, that really caught my attention. He wrote hastily n folded d paper n gave it to me. Then, he dashed out, not letting anyone to peek at his choice.

Out of curiosity, I checked his paper first. It was HER name. The only vote she got. 

I checked  if there r u-know... between them. But NOPE. There is no trace of whatever-I-have-in-mind  pun... They r mere classmates, no more than that. After few months, I realized he is really a considerate, kindhearted boy. 

While his peers just jump d bandwagon,  (at 15 it is really not COOL if u contradict d mainstream ok) , he did something that he thinks right. 

Well... for me, the act of discriminating a classmate because others said she is really-a-not-so-worthy friend is really really awful. We could always ignore everything n pretend like we did not care and never take side. 

Ah,.. d neutral camp.

Anyway there is someone like Jan a.k.a Nizam who always go at great length to show that he cares. It might be small to others, but for d girl who has no friend? 

Currently Jan is in Intensive Care Unit. He is comatose since December 8th. It was really a heart-wrenching experience seeing him unconsciously with all the wires and support machine. He was strong, see.. he was d sportsman of the year who won 4 gold medals and really make us proud. 

Get well soon dearest. We miss you.


ayeen abdullah said...

He really a hero to me....volunterred all the way from besout to be my fasi camp. The true KRS...my pray n my love for u Jan...

cerita apa said...

Semoga dia ditempatkan di kalangan org beriman