Saturday, December 21, 2013

grains of hope

I know this is stupid. How I wished, someday I could look back and yelled, "Uve been supid, what were u thinking?".
But right now, this is the thing that I missed badly.

To pick up the phone and asked,
"weiii I watched tiviii and that man just divorced his wife".
"Which man you r talking about, u know I dont have time for tiviiii these days.", the person at the end of d line will answer, a bit confusing or pretended not to know anything, so that people will understand there is a grain of truth in the saying, women gossip men discuss #heh?#.

Fully aware that man hate gossiping, I'll work extra hard to make sure I did not sound lika Makcik Joyah so I might come out with explanation and an intelligent question, at least I hope it sounds something like Derek Morgan (I heart u Derek Morgan) from Criminal Minds would love to hear.

"This man had lodge a police report over a 32 years old actor, claiming that he exchanged sordid pictures. After a while the charges dropped without further investigation. Last week he made a press conference voicing out his anger for the injustice kind of thing with his wife. Suddenly, the news broke out last night, he divorced his wife. You see, adakah undang-undang yang mengheret orang orang ketiga sehingga meruntuhkan rumahtangga terpakai  di Mahkamah Syariah? I mean a certain celebrity husband had bring this matter to court before, but they r non muslim. I just wonder if it applies to muslim now because I read somewhere before, they r planning to imposed such rules".

I longed to hear the person at d end of the line sighed before answered, "As far as I am concerned. . it is bla bla bla, the court is blabla bla and Mahkamah Syariah is bla bla bla. And I think d culprit will blablabla and the couple might blablabla. Well.. sorila I x ambil tau sangat hal artis semua ni."

I missed talking to someone. Tanya itu dan ini, dan jawapan diberi tanpa prejudis.

I miss u old friend:-)
I know I m being silly.

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