Saturday, March 08, 2014


It was another hot and humid night, a week ago.
I keep thinking about something which bothering me so much.

I stared at the ceiling, for quite some times.
I punched Jie's number, asking him something sumting silly?

Me: How much my baju?
Him: oo I tak beli la. x pergi pun tempat shopping.
Me: Ok then... I was thinking to bank in d money.
Him: No... x sempat.. 
Me: Ok then, so how's Jakarta?
Him: Ok... errr... but I have t-shirts... I love Jakarta tu.. nak x?
Me: Tak muat kot..
Him: No... besarlah... 
Me: I have doubled my size now.. u don't see me lately

It is true, about the size and the fact that we haven't meet up for such a long time.
He just came back from a golf trip to Jakarta.
Felt like we were strangers.
While I kind of guess Jie takkan belikan baju tu (hahahaha) but offering a t-shirt, sangat di luar landasan fikiran saya.
Since when he bought t-shirts? 
Bukan selama ni saya pau t-shirt yang dia dapat free bila ada tournament ke?

Maybe... we ARE really strangers now.


"Kalau I tanya soalan macam dulu, asking your opinion masih boleh lagi tak?" saya menulis di wassapps.

"InsyaAllah boleh" Jie jawab  which makes me a bit speechless/textless(?)

"Uishhh... berimannyer? Lainnye sekarang..." came my reply. Afterall, as far as I am concerned... those words never escape his lips.

"hahahahha sure boleh la.."  he continued.

Ok... that is Jie, a friend I remembered. 

I poured everything. From the discussion which I never included, the letter I never see, the task they did which supposed to be my JOB and top of all..

"They  never talk to me, let me know about games and when I asked they just said everything has been taken care of. To top it all, I have to ask many times to clarify. Bodohnya I rasa"

Of course saya beritahu Jie, saya rasa sangat insulted.
Of course Jie tahu, this is not the first time.
I had a hell of time since March last year, pun pada Jie jugek saya mereport:)
"I tot we r friends..."  Mungkin dalam mimpi saya agaknya.

"That's the sign. Leave it be". Nasihat Jie pendek saja.
Maybe he aheard enough. Dia bosan. Saya pun.

This week, that particular guy, gave me something. 
"Sign" he said.
I answered simply, "malas".

When u treated others like dirt, don't you ever try to be clever.
I wanted to scream it on his face.

But I know Jie will not approve.

p/s currently Jie is in Siem Reap, another tournament I guess.

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