Tuesday, March 04, 2014


It was hot n humid.
Late in the afternoon, it was raining, but still hot.
Looked Peeped through my bedroom window, I could see the rain pelting on d grass and mango trees for hours.
Beautiful feelings:)
At night it was still warm. How I wished I could sleep with the windows open wide *sigh*

The haze was quite bad around my workplace.
by midday, I was suffocated.
The smell of the air nauseated me. 
Went home around four and the first thing I did was trying to sleep.
I did.
After Isya' I thought I might stop breathing. 
Glad it was over.

It was still hot in my hometown.
I have non-stop classes which definitely wear me off. 
Fatigue n hopeless, I might say.
Therefore, in between class ayo mata pun macam ayo terjun.
To make d matter worst, d extra class which should start at 2.30p.m delayed to 3p.m.
D kids said they have to go for Zuhur first.
I was speechless.
Why quote performing pray as an excuse to be late?
It doesn't make sense to me.
I mean, I am a muslim too. 
A godfearing person as well. 
Let me be honest, saya getik  if people are not punctual. Super getik when solat pula jadi alasan.
Adake dalam Islam ajar boleh tidak menepati masa?

Kalau lewat 15mins, I might understand.
Setengah jam tu...
agak2 la...

Then, I could only go home half an hour late than schedule.
How's that?

All these make me so tired n cranky.

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