Monday, March 24, 2014

Shut your transponder off!

In case you have nothing good to say.
Do not emit any signal.

I just do not understand how could you accuse those senior officers and senior minister a.k.a Malaysian government for not telling the truth.
Lagi tak boleh hadam bila hal begini dipolitikkan.
Making fun of fellow Malaysian dalam hal begini, sangat melampau.
YOU just lost 5 votes man (my siblings votes oso)

While reading lots of articles online,
seriously this one baffled me.

Bukan pasal d captain's son cakap he knows his father better.
That is expected.
I would say d same thing too, should my father under scrutinized.
I KNOW him ALL my life.

I m concerned about something else.

How could u bro?
Kata kawan, gigih sebarkan sisi gelap kawan sendiri.
Betul atau tidak, only time will tell.
But then keluarkan cerita pada ketika ini, sangat jahatlah..

Lu sama level ngan pompuan afrika yang kasi interview pasal Fariq tu.
At least, pompuan tu x mengaku Fariq tu a friend, cuma kawan fesbuk.

But u?
Shame on u bro!!

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