Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day n Other Women

1. I m sure all mothers are happy lavished with love n expensive gifts today. I hope my mother is happy too, knowing that her daughter loves her so much but, in the gift department, well... I doubt it.

Due to d Salzburg Anganku Musnah, I still in a troubled state of mind. Therefore, the best I could to mend my broken heart is..

Gardening, reading storybooks n singing my heart out. 
In alphabetical order list.
I MIGHT ADD EATING, thanks God, the icebox in 12A is barely filled.

Frozen hash brown, roti canai, sausages, potato fries and meatballs are not my comfort food.
I craved for...

For.... well I dunno.
Pretzels may be:(

2. Other Women.
Forget the treacherous games.
Of course... it is d main issue in this story, a lady fell for her new friend's wealthy and hunky husband. A smooth talker too.

As usual, I bought the book because of the cute cover.
Ain't d pink shoes pretty?

The gosh-ur-husband-is -handsome-I-want-him-so-badly-and-he-wants-me-too-and-we-are-fated-to-be-together just isn't my thing.
One of d main rules for me (which my female friends found a bit silly), I would never be friend with their spouse. Never keep their phone number either.
Well.., I never pick up d phone oso. Hahaha.
Harap2 Allah tak terbalikkan hati saya. Aminnn...

In other way I am telling, I do not really enjoy the storyline. Really not my cup of tea.

Anyway I do love the setting. How d writer describe the idyllic countryside is just amazing.
I am in love with Rawlstone, the 12-bedroom golden mansion and d secluded lodges nearby.

Macam mana rasanya tinggal di rumah agam 12 bilik? With picturesque view.

On second thought,
Rumah kecik 4 bilik ni pun, selalu buat saya nangis nak maintained.


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