Sunday, May 11, 2014

pick on u....?

I had brekkie with a gud friend of mine, few weeks ago. Initially we had a plateful of fried vermicelli (moi) and fritter with peanut sauce (hers).

Since both of us had plenty of time to splurge, so we waited for Chicken Rice to be ready. Yeppp...
Rice with lots of succulent roast chicken to go with.

In between... we talked about lots of things n suddenly the issue popped up.

Me: it couldnt be true... I mean, I never heard that that particular person is fussy.
Her: Betul... cubalah tengok sendiri...

Ada orang sepatah dia cakap,  terus saya masukkan dalam recycle bin sebab tak percaya.
I trust her. We had known one another n she has been nothing but a trustworthy friend. We rarely speak to one another, unless we have something to share.

Learning this news is like, reliving my experience under KC. It was awful n degrading. Not to mention demotivating too.

Poor her.
It is really bad when someone while treated others with civilized manners, pick on u like u r sone third class citizen or whatever expression which could justify their ill-treatment.

For those who r in d same boat. Kindly read this

Don't u ever believe in
Kita ni mentimun, dia durian kind of thing.
Only errrr bugger did that hahahhahah

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