Saturday, June 07, 2014

I'll vote for you, Azam..

Blame it on my nieces weirdo habits, beria2 nengok Idola Kecil, dah Mak Andak dia pun terjebak. Me n peer pressure uols..

Now tv9 aired Idola Ultra. All d previous winners invited to sing their hearts out to be 30k richer, kekdahnya...

I watched d qualifier rounds. Beria budak tu nyanyi. It was great seeing them again. Then came d second round, n d result was  ngengada..  
Lepas kena tazkirah about berdiri x betul, start nyanyi entah apa2, pukul dram nak tak nak...the judges announced no elimination.
Just great!

I didnt watch it again until tonight.
I missed the first 4 contestants, sebab cuci kain baju n prepared dinner, sausages n scramble eggs.

The 2 girls, Balqis n Puteri were quite ok. I expected stunning dress, hahhahah bup nope, it was so so, for me. Ini kot dibandingkan dress Idola Kecil.

Then came Harris. My nieces used to root for him back. He sure has lotsa fans tonight. Anyway, he tried too hard to be rock star, but in my humble opinion he failed miserably.

The last contestant was Azam. He was not doing well during d second round.
Tonight is another story. He started d song beautifully. In d middle he started melompat2 n and I was like, "ko dah kenapa".
Unfortunately (?) I really enjoyed his rendition. It was so young, fresh n vibrant.
After listening Hyper Act version over and over, I must say Azam did d justice to d song, to my untrained ears.

I m glad he made it to final.

Tapi saya tak tengok lagi Daniel nyanyi camna..

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