Sunday, June 29, 2014

My first day Iftar

I spent my day doing something which I could not share.

By the time I wanted to pack things, gosh... it was 7p.m.
For d past Ramadhan, I usually have soup for iftar, but.. it was too late.

While boiling d water, I swept the floor and skimmed through notes.
So, I had dried apricot and a mug of nescafe errr.. a stale bun too.
Alhamdulillah. Better than nothing.

Oooo... I picked up the phone, thinking about calling my mom.
There r few miscalls from Arif.

"Boleh datang ambik tak? Motor pecahla" he said.
Mestilah boleh. Kasih sayang tak bertepi kot...

After Maghrib, I went straight to his workplace.

He was waiting at d guardpost. We headed home.
It is so sweet to see my mom waited for us at her favourite white chair.

We had dinner, grilled chicken, cube rice with peanut sauce, pecal, air assam n watermelon. Oh yess.. d famous mangges too.

After that I swept the floor, changed d bedsheet and cleaned d plates.

Habis tu bila g tarawihnya?


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