Sunday, June 29, 2014

fasting month n food

Yesterday, mom n I had lunch at Cu Na's crib. The Twin n their friend, Midah prepared plenty of mouth watering food, steamed tilapia with 3 different dip to choose from, sambal ijo (divine!), sambal macang n sambal kicap. Salty fish with saute ring onions, chicken in soy sauce and colourful vegetables were really outtadisworld!

Saya rasa twin ni memang pandai memasak. 

Then, mom and I did our grocery. For a month ration.

It was almost Maghrib when we came back. Uda was ready for tarawih. Acho was busy cleaning d meat n bone because one of his friends sedekah a lamb to celebrate Ramadhan Month.

I was too tired n retired to bed.

Around 9, I entered the kitchen, to have dinner.
Uishhh.. Acho was busy chopping garlic n spring onion.
He said for d soup. I love soup.

Few mins later he went out, aikkkk..
Cettt rupa2nya diorang masak sup ramai2 di Pakcik Usup.

Sentap betul...

Anyway... fasting month is not just about food actually.
There r more than worldly treats.

Selamat berpuasa semua.

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