Thursday, July 31, 2014

#1: kad raya

Korang suka tak dapat kad raya?
Saya suka sangat, especially bila dihantar by post gitu...

"Tapi selalunya kita yang mintak diorang kirim kad raya", I told a friend. I know..

Tapi kalau nak harap memang ada orang bangun pagi dan terus ke kedai cari kad raya dan terus pos kepada norizan adnan dengan kerelaan hatinya sendiri, memang tak pernah terjadi.

Saya sedih, "kasila kita kad raya", dengan tidak malunya saya cakap kat kawan tu. Selalunya kot  cakap cenggitu misti kawan2 saya ajak tukar2 kad, which is fine with me.

Instead, this particular person shook his head n simply said, he NEVER send Raya Card.

Me: masa sekolah dulu xkan x kasi?
Him: xder..
Me: masa korang bercinta?
Him: mana ada la..

Sebenarnya panjang lagi soalan saya. Nanti dia pangkah pulak kot semua details saya tulis. Dia cakap dia memang tak pernah kasi kad raya pada siapa2.

Mungkin muka saya nampak cam keciwa tahap gaban kot, he did send me a cute e-card. 
Normally I'll make sure to reply d  raya cards n messages promptly, but I did not reply his.

I wonder...
Sebenarnya haram ke bagi kad raya kat bukan muhrim.
Just raya wishes je kot... 
Sebelum ni saya relaxed je bagi kad raya kat Ija a.k.a Khairul Rijal (tapi sekali je pun).
Entah... tetiba...
Terus saya x berani nak balas...

Tahun ni saya dapat satu kad raya.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

dah nak tengok anak bulan ?

To be exact on Sunday

I wrote numerous times how I felt about Hari Raya Aidilfitri.
Apart from missing my late dad as I got older, the feeling of worried this would be my last Ramadhan seeps in..

Typical over d hill lot. Heh?

Then, there were d target I failed to meet.
Makcik seteresss okeh.

Masa buat Ramadhan to-do-list kemain panjang berjela..

In short, towards d end of Ramadhan instead of feeling sense of sorrow leaving the holy month, mine was guilty. Duh!

Kenapa tak Ramadhan setahun 4 kali?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kelas Kau Maria!!!!

Maria mana ni?
Nope bukan Kak Maria Ribena...

I found this intriguing article dated August 28, 2012 from Business Insider
Russian president Vladimir Putin may appear in the news on a daily basis, but almost nothing is known about his daughters, Mariya, 27 and Yekaterina, 25.
As adults, they have never been photographed by the Russian media and it's said that the Russian public would not recognize the women if they ran into them on the street. The girls have always been carefully guarded by the Russian government and were even pulled out of school and taught at home once their father hit the spotlight.
Even so, they make great fodder for the Russian blogosphere. Most of what's known about them is unconfirmed rumor, but here are a few of the more interesting tidbits we dug up:
  • They are apparently friends with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's daughter Barbara, who speaks Russian. According to a 2002 article in The St. Petersburg Times, the girls spent vacation together swimming and sightseeing in Sardinia.
  • In 2010, it was rumored that Yekaterina, the younger daughter, was to wed her longtime boyfriend, the son of a South Korean admiral. But those rumors were flat-out denied by the Kremlin and in April, when the rumors resurfaced, the father of the man again denied that the reports were true, according to The Wall Street Journal. The pair did, however, meet at a dance in Moscow and supposedly dated for a decade.
  • Even less has been written about Mariya's love life, but Dutch and Russian news sources have connected her to Jorrit Faassen, a Dutchman who has held high-level positions at subsidiaries of Gazprom, the state-owned gas company, The New York Times reported.
  • In 2005, the Russian paper reported that the girls had enrolled in St. Petersburg University. Mariya was said to be studying biology and geology, and Yekaterina had enrolled in Oriental studies, according to the article. But even though classes had started when the article was published, neither girl had been spotted on campus.
  • Their whereabouts today are completely unknown. In a May 2012 article about a rare sighting of Putin's (possibly) estranged wife, Lyudmila, The New York Times noted: "Their daughters attended college under assumed names, and many of their classmates did not know their true identities. Even now, it is not known if they live in Russia or abroad, and what, if anything, they do professionally."
That's about all we could find on Putin's daughters. Compared to the heaps of information that are available on President Obama's young daughtersand even considering Russia's censorship of the mediait's fascinating that coverage of Putin's daughters is virtually nonexistent.
But if a recent report on Putin's wealth, which declares he has $1 billion in the bank and access to 43 aircraft, is true, we can be sure his daughters are living comfortably, somewhere out of the spotlight.

Beria Putin n Kremlin nak selamatkan anak2 dia.
But then, God always knows best.

Here is the latest news copypasted from here..

MH17: 'Maria Putina is welcome in Holland. But not her father'

Anger in the Netherlands at Vladimir Putin's support for separatist rebels who are thought to have shot down MH17, killing 298 people - most of them Dutch - has led to some calls for Putin's daughter to be deported from Holland. But most residents are happy to live and let live

Maria Putina and her father, Vladimir Putin
Maria Putina and her father, Vladimir Putin  
It is a place about as far removed from the war-torn corner of eastern Ukrainian, where the Malaysia Airlines plane crashed from the skies, as is possible to imagine.
Boats sail serenely past on the canal, as cyclists pedal along the tow path. Children play in the sand pit set in a neatly-kept park, in front of the 10-storey apartment building.
But this building, in the well-heeled Dutch town of Voorschoten, near The Hague, has for some become the focus of anger at the downing of Flight MH17 - because the top two floors are owned by Maria Putina, daughter of the Russian president.
Miss Putina, 29, is said to own the huge penthouse flat with her Dutch boyfriend, Jorrit Faassen, 34, an oil executive. Ironically, the district of Voorschoten is called Krimwijk - which means Crimea.
Pieter Broertjes, mayor of Hilversum - the town near Amsterdam where the bodies of victims will be identified - has called for her to be deported.
In a radio interview, he said: "We could also deport Putin's daughter, she lives in The Netherlands. Then you've got a whole different signal you could give."
On Twitter, according to Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, people have called for protests in front of the building. Ukrainian activists were publishing the address and calling for demonstrations - which so far haven't materialised, and seen unlikely to do so.
Mr Broertjes later apologised for his comments, saying they were "not wise" but "stemmed from a feeling of helplessness that many would recognise."
But residents of the affluent town of Voorschoten did not appear to bear Miss Putina any ill will. "Why should she leave?" said Arnaud, the local postman. "Her father - he is a strange man. A frightening man, and it is so terrible that his support for the war in Ukraine has led to this.
"But we have nothing against her."
The apartment building which they own was built four or five years ago, locals say, with the majority of inhabitants wealthy Dutch doctors, lawyers and other professionals - most of whom claim never to have seen her.
"She has no life here, because she and her boyfriend mainly live in Moscow," said a woman delivering a community newspaper to each house.
"She's not registered at the municipal office so doesn't officially live here."
An elderly man watering his plants joked: "Yes, they live here, and every day we see them on their bicycles going out to the shops."
In April 2013 Mr Putin was reported by Dutch newspaper AD to have visited his daughter - and gone to the local supermarket in his blacked-out car.
The visit would have coincided with ceremonies to mark the year of Dutch-Russian friendship; something which commentators say now looks distinctly misplaced.

Saya tak ada komen apa2 ye.
Cuma untuk bacaan di kala Raya sahaja.
Cuma I totally disagree kot marahkan nyamuk kelambu dibakar.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

something closer to home.

Sebagai manusia biasa yang suka menyebok memanglah saya berharap dapat duduk depan tv sepanjang hari. Saya pun geram dengan insiden mh17 dan nak sangat tengok muka Russians yang mana satu yang dajal sangat tu.

Tapi saya perempuan miskin. I have to work for a living.
Not that I m complaining.

Lepas Melaka trip hati tu memang sepatutnya saya tunaikan janji pada d kids.
Sejak heboh orang kata bebudak form 3 will have to sit for PT3, I promised them,
"Keluarlah apa soalan pun, saya akan pastikan awak bersedia. Saya akan tolong awak, awak jangan risau".

Masa berjanji memanglah kalah Menteri Besar Selangor yang baru (jadi ke?)

Taim nak tunaikan janji tu macam2 la obstacles n hurdles.
It just that I m so tired of .... you know...

Saya pejam mata, keraskan hati dan pekakkan telinga.
I am aware of cakap2 di belakang, bisik2, gossip2 dan yang paling klasik..
"patutnya buatla macam ni, bukan gitu, harusnya begini, bukan begitu".
"Dia ni memang dari dulu lagi, beginila perangai dia blabla"

Yes, I know what you r talking behind my back.
Nope, I never change, because I don't want to be YOU.

Look at your track record man..
That is what matter most to me.

If I need ideas, I'll go for google.
Or saya akan tanya Fid atau Len.
Or someone else with proven track record.
Sorry man...

But still..
Perkara buruk, elokla saya simpan dalam hati.
Tapi janji, tetap janji.

I wrote here, as a reminder to myself,
When u do something because of HIM, you would never go wrong,
Afterall, mungkir janji masuk neraka.


Well done Najib!

Kat berita tv3 cakap, dunia memuji tindakan Datuk Seri Najib yang berkecuali dan berjaya cetuskan muafakat dengsn puak pemberontak untuk dapatkan black boxes (ooooo ingatkan satu katebang satu kotak hitam je), mayat mangsa dan akses untuk penyiasat ke crash site.

Berita tu dipetik dari Washington Post 

Saya copypasted a bit. For further reading please click the link above.

 After days of resistance, pro-Russian rebels on Monday yielded some ground in the crisis surrounding downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 — handing over passengers’ bodies, relinquishing the plane’s black boxes and pledging broader access for investigators to the crash site.
The developments offered some hope that an international investigation might clarify how the civilian jet carrying 298 passengers and crew members was shot down Thursday over territory held by the separatists in eastern Ukraine. Experts warned, however, that the site had been compromised.
The breakthroughs came after days of international outrage over scenes of bodies decaying in meadows under a hot sun. The U.N. Security Council and world leaders had demanded that the rebels allow professional investigators unfettered access to the site.
Early Tuesday, the rebels handed over what they said were the plane’s black boxes. The transfer took place in a ceremony with a Malaysian delegation in the rebel-controlled regional administration building in Donetsk.
The train carrying the bodies of Flight 17’s passengers is expected to arrive in Kharkiv around midday Tuesday, some 18 hours after it left the town of Torez near the crash site.
Late Monday, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said he had reached an agreement with Alexander Borodai, a rebel leader, for a Malaysian team to take custody of the two black-box data recorders from rebel fighters who had retrieved them and previously refused to turn them over. He also said international investigators would be guaranteed safe access to the crash site.
Jadi.. ADA BUNYI PUJI PUJIAN KE DALAM BERITA DI ATAS. Sorry, deria rasa saya kurang berfungsi.
Whatever it is, I sincerely think what Najib did was amazing. It proved that, dia tidaklah sejinak yang disangka.
Tak taula kot separatist ni pandai tampered-menampered. Harapnya dua kotak hitam berwarna oren itu selamat sampai ke Malaysia, selamat dianalisis dan penjenayah selamat di bawa muka pengadilan..

Ooooo ko dah bunuh 298 orang lagi ko tak mo ngaku eh... Heh?
Meanwhile, kudos to Malaysian delegates yang sanggup bertarung nyawa pergi ke warzone, so that we can sleep in peace and d deceased may rest in peace. 
Besar pengorbanan mereka. Kalau korang yang terpilih, rasa2 korang nak pergi tak?
Saya tak nak. Nak duduk sebilik masa orang buka kotak hitam tu pun saya tak sanggup.
Saya lemah semangat.

Sebenarnya, rindu itu ada

I am referring to tazkirah given by Ustaz Zul after tadarus this morning.
For d record, TADARUS IS COMPULSORY for every one at my workplace.

He said, Rasulullah sangat risau, sebab umat terdahulu umurnya panjang dan amalannya pun banyak. Umat beliau, umur pendek, amalan pun tak sekuat umat terdahulu. Jadi Allah s.w.t kurniakan malam lailatul qadar supaya semua orang boleh dapat bonus berganda untuk menambahkan pahala. Tapi lailatul qadar tu berlaku sekali setahun, tak tau pula tu tarikhnya. Maka seharusnya, 10 malam terakhir Ramadhan ni, kita semua lipatgandakan usaha untuk mengejar satu malam yang dikhabarkan lebih baik daripada 1000 bulan tu.

Dia kata. Saya dengar dan macam korang yang terbaca entri ni, mestilah ada cecita nak dapat bonus berganda ganda.

Tapi by mid day, saya rasa nak nangis kerana sesuatu hal.
Saya tak tau nak mengadu pada sapa. Depa bukan nak layan saya pun...

Stress sangat, balik rumah saya tidur.
Bila celik mata,

Dah pukul 3 pagi.

Tu je la cerita.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

kenapa ko tembak commercial plane la tenginn?

Please excuse my French.

Gamaknya Vladimir Putin rasa reliefed la kot, bukan flight dia yang kena shot down. Tapi MH17 with 295 life on board.

Diberitakan saksi kejadian, Vladimir jugak namanya cakap, "it rained bits and pieces".
Korang boleh bayang?
Saya x mo imegin. Its barbaric!!

Now masing2 x mo mengaku. Ooooo tau takutttt..
Yang ko pegi beli missile ntahapakenama tu apasal tak request sekali zoom yang canggih boleh tengok sampai 1000000000ft.
Apsal ko tengin sangat tak tengok schedule flight yang lalu.
Korang memang ngokk kan.
Nak berperang tapi xder etika, buat homework pun malas.

Now, jangan nak lempar batu sembunyi tangan pulak..

N for fellow Malaysian yang gigih blame MAS for using that route.
U r absolutely genius guys.
We need more people like in the world.
Takat jadi CEO MAS, tu bukan level korang, patut korang yang jadi Head of ICAO.

 layak korang duduk situ..
ICAO such a small dept je, patut korang jadi Secretary General United Nation yang ke-9, gantikan Ban Kin Moon.
Korang kan tererrrrr...

Whatever it is d damaged has been done.
My deepest condolences to all d family n friends of the victims.
As Tony Abbot summed it up perfectly, "it is a grim day for our (ostolia) country and a grim day for the world too".

While we r not like d mainland chinese yang menangis melolong masa tragedi mh370 dulu (uncivilised okkkk), I sincerely hope, d Malaysian government janganlah jinak sangat.
Be firm.

Tak payahlah gigih sangat report Putin tu talipon ke whatsapp ke, Obama talipon ke, UN Sec-GeN pun talipon semua.
So what if they called?
By the way, I've heard the phrase,,"no stone would be left unturn" before. Cliche man!

We want JUSTICE.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Aku dah tua aihhh..

That was the other friend's sarcasm.
Was it?

Masa tu saya sentaplah jugak..
I wrote it somewhere in this blog not so long time ago.

Today he sent (on my request) 3 funny video clips. Not bad for someone yang dengan sarkastiknya dulu cakap, "aku dah tua aihhh, xder nak bertablet tablet aihh".

That was not all.
Today he said he wanted to paste Japanese song.
Dia suruh saya gugel.

Saya suruh dia nyanyi, tak nak pulak..
Mr Azhar ketawakan sebab sekarang zaman K-Pop mana ada orang layan lagu Jepun.

Laaa... zaman saya remaja memanglah kami layan muzik dari Jepun. Siap ada cerita Rin Hanekoma, Tenko dan Oshin lagi. Gigih juga saya bertunggu tangga depan tv.

Gigih pulak saya beking The Other Friend. Mesti dia cuak takut ada udang di sebalik batu nesan. 

"Cakapla tajuk lagu ke nama penyanyi ke apa", saya tanya The Other Friend sebelum dia berjajat dengan Mr Azhar lagi.

"Mayumi" , dia jawab pendek. Saya ingat dia reka. Rupanya memang ada lagu.

Patutla... tahun 1983 lagu tu.
Saya belum lahir pun lagi masa tu (hehe)

Patutla dia cakap dia dah tua,


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Kek Coklat

Sekejap tadi saya dapat mesej dari satu nombor yang tidak saya kenali.

Saya andaikan dia bekas rakan sekerja sebab dia panggil saya Ijan.
Agak rapat tapi mesti dah lama tak jumpa.
Dia kata dia teringat saya sebab sinonim dengan kek coklat.

Early this year, Tie pun tanya kenapa saya dah lama tak buat kek coklat.
Saya terdiam dan memikir,
When was d last I bake Chocolate Cake?

Seems like million years of light ago.

Sebenarnya resepi tu saya dah terhilang sebelum sempat pu  saya create Buku Resepi Gerenti Jadi.

Nowadays I only bake fruitcake.
Pastu saya bawa ke tempat kerja n paksa kawan2 makan.


Does it matter?

1. If anything, serik betullah dengan orang yang gigih berlakon jadi victim. Of course I fully aware apa yang diorang soksek kan behind my back.
It just that, if u need my help, please ask.
Yang bersoksek tak ada berpenghujung tu boleh pulak... 

2. If you refused to lift up your finger (literal translation: menguitkan jari) please shut your big mouth up. 
Honestly, it was really irritating bila tengok sesiapa saja yang mencelah bagai sudu terlebih kuah, sedangkan it was HIS TASK in d first place.
Lu kot nak berdrama pun toksah over sangat ble x?

3. I was talking to someone about the latest gadgets when someone came n whining about someone else. 
It was the second time in 2 weeks he whined about someone who treated him kindly. I just wonder...
Did u do that to me also, behind my back?

4. We were in d middle of meeting. Prior to that we had a mini discussion regarding the things to be discussed. By right, since we had consensus, d Ketua Darjah will announce d verdict. 
It disturbed me when  someone else merasa perlu nak overshadowing Ketua Darjah.
Glad I see d true colours.

5. Last year he complained about a friend, Ezz lacked of this n that. I listened attentively n think about a way my help would come handy.
Last month, he complained about d No 2 man insensitivity.

"Oh?Its him? Ezz knows? " I asked. I heard d rumors, but I do not know d culprit.
"No 2 talked to Ezz, n Ezz told me", he verified. " No 2 shouldn do that, not fair to our friend, let him decided what best .yada yada..".

He continued.
I refrained myself from saying, it was d same thing u nagged a year ago.

It dawned to me.
Adakah orang bercakap cuma sebab nak making small talks atau jujur nak cari penyelesaian sesuatu masalah.

Whatever it is,
I am done!

bubur lambuk Hotspring

Tetiba my mom teringin nak makan bubur lambuk. We bought severals from different bazaar, tapi dia x suka.

Dia cakap bubur lambuk yang orang UMNO Slim tu masak juga yang sedap ditekak dia.
Dah dua hari saya pergi kat bangunan UMNO tu tapi tak nampak pula orang edarkan bubur lambuk tu.

Mungkin diaorang dah tukar tempat kot, sebab bila saya ke Pejabat Pos, dengar pakcik2 tu sembang pl bubur lambuk UMNO tu.
Takkanla saya nak mintak kat diorang pulak.

Luckily Arif called. He asked if I could stop by kat Hotspring sebab hari Jumaat ada buat bubur lambuk.

Mestilah bolehkan...
Walaupun sebenarnya mata saya asyik nak terkatup.

At 6p.m I drove to Hotspring. Sampai pukul 6.25p.m.
Another 45mins journey nak balik ke no18.

My mom yang tengah berbaring2 terus bangun menuju pintu bila I told her I bring bubur lambuk.
Dia pergi pintu tu sebab dia g hantar kat rumah Makcik Jah belakang rumah satu.

"Makcik Jah kamu pun suka bubur lambuk juga tau", dia cakap, padahal masa tu lagi seploh minit nak berbuka pun.

Maybe it is true, makanan lebih sedap jika dikongsi bersama

Mak saya pun makan dengan sungguh berselera.
Sebab dia tau anak2 dia sanggup kehulu kehilir carikan makanan yang dia suka.
Nak masak sendiri bubur lambuk tu memang tidakla...

Semoga murah rezeki UMNO Slim dan Hotspring

p/s gambo xder, saya bengkok

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Gaza, Neymar dan ....

1. Sejak kecil sampai sekarang, I lost count dah berapa kali Palestin kena bom. Setiapkali pun, kecoh ajak boikot macam-macam produk kaum yahudi. Hingga hari ini Mc Donald terus berkembang maju. Apparently, its not working.
Anyway I am touched when big shot in football world turned down request to swap jersey with Israelis. Great.
Let them know, they r despicable!

2. I must admit I was never into footbal. By the way, I thought Neymar is the name of fish in Nemo n I still think Eto'o is d best player.
I know... don't hate me.
When I learnt Germany beat Brazil 7-1 This morning, I was like...
Waaaa... is this inter-school match or what?

3. Ekceli semua orang dah tau, saya sorang je kot baru tau yang kawan kitaorang ni 25k richer. Dulu2 arwah Man yang suka usik2, ni dia dah takder... dibawa angin lalu..
Sebagai meneruskan legasi Man, while everyone was laze around on d faded pinkish sofa, saya pun buka thread KERETA BARU YANG SESUAI, sebab kawan tu memang ada plan nak tukar kereta.

Mr Azhar suggested to go for Estima, barulah sesuai ngan kawan tu.
Tapi anaknya 2 je kot... saya tanya because I think he prefers something more sportive. Estima nampak macam pakcik2 to me.

Abang Bro punya komen lagi x menahan. Tak sampai hati nak tulis sebab for me it was... hahaha wayyyy beyond my limit.
Tapi elok je diorang ketawa macam  x bersalah...


Gila diorang ni kalau bergurau.
In time like this, I miss Man even more.


Tuesday, July 08, 2014

kakakku yang bijaksana

Setiapkali nak raya, mesti mak suruh saya bank in duit.
Mak saya ada doblas anak, tapi bila bab duit, mesti saya jugak yang diamanahkan.

Saya bukan kisah sangat, kot x tu pun, memang sejak azali saya yang suka menyibuk hal2 macam ni. Yang saya tak suka sikap penerima yang ungrateful which after years saya pun tak tahan tengok mak saya ternanti2kan panggilan to acknowledge duit dah diterima.

My mom is 70++.
Takder sikit pun terfikir entah sempat ke tidak......

Last Friday, my mom suh bank in duit.
Just bank in. Takde pesan suruh talipon ke hapa.
Dah berjauh hati sangat agaknya.

Saya minta kakak saya yang talipon bagitau.
Saya dah penat.

She had a better idea.
Invite that particular person to a family whatsapp group.

Errrr do u mind if I m asking,
Is it true blood is thicker than water?
I mean.. scientifically point of view.


Monday, July 07, 2014

Ramadhan dan Batu Seremban.

Bila nak berjalan dari satu kelas to another, it would definitely time consuming. Sebagai langkah keselamatan, saya dah minta tolong Nana n d gang bawa naik PBS workbook.

Selalunya kalau ada buku atas meja guru, d kids will behave while waiting their super slow moving teacher.

This time around, yes the class was definitely in peace a tranquility.

Kepala diorang pun saya tak nampak..
Rupanya masing-masing menyelit celah meja main batu seremban...

What izit Ramadhan n Batu Seremban????

Kalau saya jerit-jerit pun tak guna juga. Dulu masa saya sebaya diorang pun cenggitu jugekkk..

Nak diajak buat latihan mesti mood mereka kelaut dalam..

Tapi dulu mana ada suratkhabar yang boleh main games.

Judging from their faces, I think d New School Times really works wonder!


 School Times terbit setiap hari Komis, ada banyak aktiviti menarik dalamnya, memang jadi rebutan budak2 ni. Tapinya dapat tajaaan 50 nashkah seminggu. Lepas diedarkan kepada semua kelas, 18 School Times saja yang dapat disimpan untuk kegunaan ramai.

Last week, saya tiada di Malaysia, bila balik, nampak suratkhabar elok je berikat tak siapa pun sudi nak agihkan despite paperwork with distribution list was in d office for others to refer.

 Tu yang saya pau nashkah minggu lepas untuk kelas ni.

It was fun!

Sunday, July 06, 2014

korang plan tak kematian?

Once I learnt about d demise of our songstress, Kak Pah, that was what came across my mind.

I mean...
Saya tak pernah terfikir pun sebelum ni.

It juz, tak ingatla bila saya tertengok talkshow yang ada Kak Pah, n dia cakap dia doa sangat dia nak mati dipangkuan anaknya, dan harap anaknya akan uruskan jenazah dia.

Ada lagi yang dia cakap masa tu, tapi saya cuma ingat dia cakap berdoalah mintak HIDAYAH dan HUSNUL KHATIMAH.

"Hidayah pun kena mohon dari Allah juga. Kematian pun kita kena plan dan minta Allah perkenankan", dia cakap. Dan tak pasal2 melekat kat fikiran saya.

Alhamdulillah, she got what she prayed for.

While I m not d fan of her songs n was never think highly of her film, tapi nasihat dia kat tv tu was an eye opener.

For those yang terjebak, dan terbaca entry ini, marilah kita plan kematian, macam Kak Pah.
Saya nak tulis perbanyakkanlah amalan sunat dan jaga yang wajib serta berinfaklah, tapi saya malu. Perangai saya pun buruk juga...

Maybe we should start dengan sedekahkan al-fatihah kepada Allahyarhamah Biduanita Negara Hajah Sharifah Aini.

P/s arwah g Mekah tak sibuk pun nak berselfie bagai...

Friday, July 04, 2014

There aint nothing I wouldnt do..

Currently I m watching America's Got Talent @8tv.

That ol' man said he used to sing in the kitchen for his wife.
Can u believe it?
He mesmerised d audience, it was a pin drop silence when he sang.

Saya ingat Adele nyanyi lagu To make u feel my love tu dah sedap habis dah.
Anyway, after listening to his rendition,
I just dunno.

Like one of d judges, Heidi Klum commment, misti sonok kalau hari2 ada orang nyanyikan lagu sedap2 macam tu.

Officially, saya tak sangka akan sehati sejiwa ngan Heidi Klum.

Great mind think alike hehhehehe

Thursday, July 03, 2014

incredible iftar

Yesterday I had my iftar at 12A. Nothing fancy. Kangkung from d garden and steamed fish. Fyd gave durian. Divine!

Once I finished d meal, memang takder apa pun yang boleh dimakan, which is the main reason why I love staying at 12A during Ramadhan. Less food equals to less distraction.

Today, I stopped by at no18, to talk to my mom.
But then Acho was in the kitchen, preparing ingredients for lamb curry.

Terus saya tak jadi balik. I went out, took my bags in.
Then I noticed Uda's car tyred was punctured. She asked Acho to change it, so dia pun sambung masak lamb curry tu.

Saya masuk bilik n zzzzzzzzz..

Bila berbuka, ada kari kambing, sup ayam dan ikan masin.
Bubur lambuk dan kuih muih pun ada.

Seperti biasa, saya makan kari kambing tu berdua dengan Acho je.
Orang lain memang tak nak makan kambing.

Entah hapa2 diorang ni..


P/s gambar tak sempat nak snap. Errr memang malas nak snap pun sebenarnya...

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

be delicious!

  1. Honestly, saya tak sangka kawan saya akan tolong belikan.
  2. Lagi tak sangka, dia sanggup talipon banyak kali, to make sure it is what we want. 
  3. Bertambah tak sangka bila when I talked to a friend, saja je tanya beli apa je masa g holiday, jawapannya was "aku tak tau pun XXX beli apa".
  4. Saya cuba berbaik sangka dia x tahu plan saya dan Fid. Hahhahahah
  5. Anyway, selepas 3,4 jam lepas terima parfum baru, barulah saya teringat kewujudannya.
  6. Seminggu dua ni saya stress nak mamp#s. Getting a new bottle of parfum memanglah saya sukaaaa sangat.
  7. Kitaorang kirim n bayar sendiri parfum tu, in case korang tertanya2 kenapa kawan tu beria bagi sebotol sorang.
  8. ohhhh indahnya dunia:)