Saturday, July 12, 2014

Does it matter?

1. If anything, serik betullah dengan orang yang gigih berlakon jadi victim. Of course I fully aware apa yang diorang soksek kan behind my back.
It just that, if u need my help, please ask.
Yang bersoksek tak ada berpenghujung tu boleh pulak... 

2. If you refused to lift up your finger (literal translation: menguitkan jari) please shut your big mouth up. 
Honestly, it was really irritating bila tengok sesiapa saja yang mencelah bagai sudu terlebih kuah, sedangkan it was HIS TASK in d first place.
Lu kot nak berdrama pun toksah over sangat ble x?

3. I was talking to someone about the latest gadgets when someone came n whining about someone else. 
It was the second time in 2 weeks he whined about someone who treated him kindly. I just wonder...
Did u do that to me also, behind my back?

4. We were in d middle of meeting. Prior to that we had a mini discussion regarding the things to be discussed. By right, since we had consensus, d Ketua Darjah will announce d verdict. 
It disturbed me when  someone else merasa perlu nak overshadowing Ketua Darjah.
Glad I see d true colours.

5. Last year he complained about a friend, Ezz lacked of this n that. I listened attentively n think about a way my help would come handy.
Last month, he complained about d No 2 man insensitivity.

"Oh?Its him? Ezz knows? " I asked. I heard d rumors, but I do not know d culprit.
"No 2 talked to Ezz, n Ezz told me", he verified. " No 2 shouldn do that, not fair to our friend, let him decided what best .yada yada..".

He continued.
I refrained myself from saying, it was d same thing u nagged a year ago.

It dawned to me.
Adakah orang bercakap cuma sebab nak making small talks atau jujur nak cari penyelesaian sesuatu masalah.

Whatever it is,
I am done!

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