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Kelas Kau Maria!!!!

Maria mana ni?
Nope bukan Kak Maria Ribena...

I found this intriguing article dated August 28, 2012 from Business Insider
Russian president Vladimir Putin may appear in the news on a daily basis, but almost nothing is known about his daughters, Mariya, 27 and Yekaterina, 25.
As adults, they have never been photographed by the Russian media and it's said that the Russian public would not recognize the women if they ran into them on the street. The girls have always been carefully guarded by the Russian government and were even pulled out of school and taught at home once their father hit the spotlight.
Even so, they make great fodder for the Russian blogosphere. Most of what's known about them is unconfirmed rumor, but here are a few of the more interesting tidbits we dug up:
  • They are apparently friends with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's daughter Barbara, who speaks Russian. According to a 2002 article in The St. Petersburg Times, the girls spent vacation together swimming and sightseeing in Sardinia.
  • In 2010, it was rumored that Yekaterina, the younger daughter, was to wed her longtime boyfriend, the son of a South Korean admiral. But those rumors were flat-out denied by the Kremlin and in April, when the rumors resurfaced, the father of the man again denied that the reports were true, according to The Wall Street Journal. The pair did, however, meet at a dance in Moscow and supposedly dated for a decade.
  • Even less has been written about Mariya's love life, but Dutch and Russian news sources have connected her to Jorrit Faassen, a Dutchman who has held high-level positions at subsidiaries of Gazprom, the state-owned gas company, The New York Times reported.
  • In 2005, the Russian paper reported that the girls had enrolled in St. Petersburg University. Mariya was said to be studying biology and geology, and Yekaterina had enrolled in Oriental studies, according to the article. But even though classes had started when the article was published, neither girl had been spotted on campus.
  • Their whereabouts today are completely unknown. In a May 2012 article about a rare sighting of Putin's (possibly) estranged wife, Lyudmila, The New York Times noted: "Their daughters attended college under assumed names, and many of their classmates did not know their true identities. Even now, it is not known if they live in Russia or abroad, and what, if anything, they do professionally."
That's about all we could find on Putin's daughters. Compared to the heaps of information that are available on President Obama's young daughtersand even considering Russia's censorship of the mediait's fascinating that coverage of Putin's daughters is virtually nonexistent.
But if a recent report on Putin's wealth, which declares he has $1 billion in the bank and access to 43 aircraft, is true, we can be sure his daughters are living comfortably, somewhere out of the spotlight.

Beria Putin n Kremlin nak selamatkan anak2 dia.
But then, God always knows best.

Here is the latest news copypasted from here..

MH17: 'Maria Putina is welcome in Holland. But not her father'

Anger in the Netherlands at Vladimir Putin's support for separatist rebels who are thought to have shot down MH17, killing 298 people - most of them Dutch - has led to some calls for Putin's daughter to be deported from Holland. But most residents are happy to live and let live

Maria Putina and her father, Vladimir Putin
Maria Putina and her father, Vladimir Putin  
It is a place about as far removed from the war-torn corner of eastern Ukrainian, where the Malaysia Airlines plane crashed from the skies, as is possible to imagine.
Boats sail serenely past on the canal, as cyclists pedal along the tow path. Children play in the sand pit set in a neatly-kept park, in front of the 10-storey apartment building.
But this building, in the well-heeled Dutch town of Voorschoten, near The Hague, has for some become the focus of anger at the downing of Flight MH17 - because the top two floors are owned by Maria Putina, daughter of the Russian president.
Miss Putina, 29, is said to own the huge penthouse flat with her Dutch boyfriend, Jorrit Faassen, 34, an oil executive. Ironically, the district of Voorschoten is called Krimwijk - which means Crimea.
Pieter Broertjes, mayor of Hilversum - the town near Amsterdam where the bodies of victims will be identified - has called for her to be deported.
In a radio interview, he said: "We could also deport Putin's daughter, she lives in The Netherlands. Then you've got a whole different signal you could give."
On Twitter, according to Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, people have called for protests in front of the building. Ukrainian activists were publishing the address and calling for demonstrations - which so far haven't materialised, and seen unlikely to do so.
Mr Broertjes later apologised for his comments, saying they were "not wise" but "stemmed from a feeling of helplessness that many would recognise."
But residents of the affluent town of Voorschoten did not appear to bear Miss Putina any ill will. "Why should she leave?" said Arnaud, the local postman. "Her father - he is a strange man. A frightening man, and it is so terrible that his support for the war in Ukraine has led to this.
"But we have nothing against her."
The apartment building which they own was built four or five years ago, locals say, with the majority of inhabitants wealthy Dutch doctors, lawyers and other professionals - most of whom claim never to have seen her.
"She has no life here, because she and her boyfriend mainly live in Moscow," said a woman delivering a community newspaper to each house.
"She's not registered at the municipal office so doesn't officially live here."
An elderly man watering his plants joked: "Yes, they live here, and every day we see them on their bicycles going out to the shops."
In April 2013 Mr Putin was reported by Dutch newspaper AD to have visited his daughter - and gone to the local supermarket in his blacked-out car.
The visit would have coincided with ceremonies to mark the year of Dutch-Russian friendship; something which commentators say now looks distinctly misplaced.

Saya tak ada komen apa2 ye.
Cuma untuk bacaan di kala Raya sahaja.
Cuma I totally disagree kot marahkan nyamuk kelambu dibakar.


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