Friday, August 01, 2014

# 5: duit raya

It is a norm to give duit raya in colourful packets to kids.
But had a second thought when few kids meminta duit raya macam pengemis few days before a long raya break.

I would understand if they were from lowest class, but now I am teaching good classes this years, who supposed to have good manners.
I was flabbergasted with their uncivilised attitude.

Tentu sekali saya tazkirahkan mereka itu.
Hari Raya is not about duit raya or m3ngemis to have ones.
I sincerely hope at least, half of them would listen to my advice.

At home, another shocked came when one of my family members proudly tell me that her daughter bodek, "up la duit raya tahun ni".
The mother was PROUD and she thinks her daughter is errr brave???

Saya nak hempuk je both mother and daughter.
What values u instill to your children la weiii..

So I have an experiment.
This year I did not give away any duit raya.
You bet.
None of them bersalam and bermaafan whatsoever.

Except a few.
Oh great.
Just great!

Selamat maju jaya pengemis,

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