Monday, August 25, 2014

dreadful dinner

I guessed it all started when we had dinner many many years ago.
This particular friend of mine was having problem with his children.
I wrote it somewhere in this blog.

It was something unusual, we rarely talk about our personal life, an unwritten rule between us.
Since we had been friends like... forever.
One thing leads to another.

Many many years later, we just drifted apart. Old age, commitments, you know.. the usual things come between us. Nothing personal.

Today, we had a silly conversation.
About his child.

Apparently, just like a youngster, his child loves to update fb status. I learnt lots about the bubbly soul character.

"Seriously, dont u feel it is weird because your child is in my friend list?", I asked, he laughed.
Like seriously?

Bila kawan saya sedih bertahun dulu, saya tanya how may I help. He shrugged.
I did what Malaysian loves most, ask for full name, nickname and whatever possible names people are using as ID.
Found out d child has few inactive accounts.
Requested to be friend, accepted and heyyy! We are friends.
But nothing much I could report to him.

Years later, I almost forgot who d child was, but d spit image of d father is not something I could overlook.

The child turns out okay, leading a great life.
The two us aging gracefully (?), still friends and enjoying our life.

What a life!

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