Friday, August 15, 2014

nanti teacher tu bising....

Sentap hati mokcik tau...

The thing is, I was not appointed as a form teacher this year. Saya speku sebab last year I complained to few people about my dissaticfation the way they handled certain important documents. Since I talked to those two particular person-in-charge myself, so this year, I was asked numerous times by numerous friends, why oh why I always hidup senang lenang when they r burdened with what-nots. If only they knew what I have been through...

Obviously these 2 particular people keep the fact to themselves, because by mid year, I was asked to take over somebody' place, by the higher ranking echelon. To be frank, I really love having a class to take care of. Thus, when I was much younger, I used to request to be a form teacher. I think a chance to nurture n instill values to bunch of kids is priceless.

To make a story short, now I have to handle d class I never teach. I don't even know their names!

I dont think they know me as well!
Unfortunately, it is PT3 season. In between class, extra class, talk yadayada, I went up to their class, telling them what I expect of them for Jamuan Hari Raya.

Nampak tak permainannya...
Menggunakan kuasa veto yang menakutkan itu..

Even, idea guru kelas lama diorang pun saya pangkah. Sentap kot cikgu tu hahaha.. tapi esoknya dia belanja saya makan nasi ayam masak merah, jelatah dan nescafe ais. Saya pun konpius juga, x pernah2... he gave me quite a large sum of money for d jamuan too. Sumpah saya konpius, adakah teruk saya cara pemangkahan saya itu sampai dia rasa takut dan.... hahahhahahhahahah

As for d kids, Eh..
Biasalah... mesti ada senarai tugas.
For me it is perfectly normal, unfortunately for them it is not!
It makes them jumpy. 

Gigih diorang cari guru kelas lama minta itu ini. Bila cikgu tu tak nak tolong, bolehkan budak2 ni cakap..

"Nanti teacher tu bising.." hahahahhahahahahahhaampehhh

Brekkie-muka stress kena paksa makan 


By the way, In my humble opinion d kids are much better than me organising d open house compared to  I did when I was their age.

Honestly, I came a wee bit late today.

Diorang dah set up semua pun. Semua pun beria2 nak buat itu ini.
One of d girls, Amyera prepares vermicelli tom yum.
Farhana n .... brought kueh raya. Riduan an d gang dah siap pun bancuh air dan beli ais.
Muqri was in charge of cocktail. It was  a hit. Memang sedap.
Yatimah and her friends brought fruits. Another group distributes d invite since yesterday.

Bunch of boys datang petang2 nak hias khemah.

Sebenarnya tak ada apa pun yang nak saya bising2kan sepatutnya..
Budak2 ni memang bagus.

Guru kelas lama diorang had done a great job, mudah betul kerja saya.

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