Thursday, August 28, 2014


1. Since morning, d phone berdering2, mengalahkan kerja bursa saham. D batt conked out, n I had to recharge while teaching. "I m expecting calls because this week is xxxxxxxxx", I told d kids, n they r very cooperative.

2. The  XXXXXXX is something I could not reveal but every one knows that it is extremely important. In case u wonder, yes, I do conduct extra classes to replace d times I entertained phone calls this week. Thanked God, it is only for a week.

3. Theres no way I could concerntrate on my 7ntended task while my mind is elsewhere. I understand d task comes with certain pressure, tapi tak sangkala teruk sangat tahap stress norizan adnan kali ini.

4. At 12.10noon, I guess I could not take it anymore. Goshhh... I need a motivation.
Yesss... in the form of sepinggan nasi lauk ayam goreng berempah dan sepinggan mi bandung. Sesak napasss ok..

5. Tapi... d whole time, I keep reminding myself.
Bukan masa kat U dulu ko suka melantik diri sendiri jadi KEtua ke. NOW, Stop whining. 


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