Monday, September 08, 2014

cerita berbingkai#3: rutin saya

Once in a while I will overnight at 12A.
Since I started paying for keter cap ayam baru ini, I watched fuel compsumption closely. Therefore, I just came back on weekend.

Tapi kadang on weekend gigihla saya jadi supir ke sana ke mari. Sometimes saya x sempat balik.

Then, satu hari after talking to the other friend I decided to go back more often. Anyway, by Maghrib saya jadi penakut giler.
I wrote about it here.

On my way home I experienced d same feeling as d entry below for d second time.
Extremely d same.

Tapi saya ingat sebab saya yang penakut tahap ektrem.
To kill d penakutness I went back to 12A almost every day.
All those unidentified things are for movie stars, not any plain Jane.

I had a hard time to sleep at night.
I blamed it on d other friend

To be continued

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