Sunday, September 21, 2014


Seen here George d driver n Salim tengah arranged d accommodation. While d rest were in d bus, saya menyebok ikut n pasang telinga. 
Ini posting dari atas katil Kyriad Hotel, not far from Charles d Gaulle Airport.
Once we learnt d flight scheduled tomorrow, I was like..
Oh oookkk.. how m I going to tell my boss.
No one in her/his right mind extend her/his holiday after a long mid sem break.

Tak kisahlah setkabo The Star buat headline Teacher is Cheater (makcik sentappp okeh)
When it comes to work, saya cuma cuti kalau jatuh sakit, pergi routine check-up kat hospital, masa Acho sakit dan ada sekali saya stuck kat Kl n couldnt arrive home on time.
Beria saya defensif, d thing is...
Whenever we booked for a holiday trip, mesti check tarikh.

Here is d itinerary

Honestly some were in a mild way, I might say they r not eager to stay.
Yes, we do have work, family n all.
I have no soothing r inspirational words or whatever...
Please dont give me any too..
Mau saya baling dengan maggie hot in a cup ke apa namanya ni..

Ive been telling myself since this morning, Allah has a better plan for me.
I m gud. Very gud.

 Maybe if I could have homemade soup, preferably yang mak saya, baby atau Acho yang masak. Ikan kukus yang Anjang masak Or pulut n rendang from Nik, or kari yang Angah masak, or sambil tumis yang Riena masak, or....
  I would be much better.

But meanwhile, lepas makan maggie, uda n I splurged on these..

The grapes r fresher n juicier. Jauh sangat beza ngan grapes RM8.90 sekilo kat Malaysia tu.

I took d biscuits n cheese from d hotel brekkie. 
Biskutnya sedap sangat. Orang Peranchis memang terer buat beskut n pastri eh?
I wished my nieces n nephews wud taste it. Nak beli kat shopping complex, takut x halal.
As for d cheese, tu for moi.
Its 12hours flight. Sambil bermovie marathon boleh juga I nibbled on d yummy cheese.

Last2 makan kat Paris jugak.
Afterall food is not provided.
Nak g kedai pun xder transport..

Not that I m complaining..
I m gud. Very gud....

(Sambil memandang ke luar jendela)

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