Sunday, September 21, 2014

University of Oxford -all u need is FAITH

Cerita yang seronok je la..

Kejadian ni pada hari kitaorang pergi Bicester Village. As I wrote earlier, I didn't find d price interesting.

Rupanya I wasnt alone. Initially we wanted to go back to d city, but George d driver suggested Oxford. Off we go.

Firstly we wanted to find a prayer room. We asked a young English lady at d bus stop She said she does not know.

Ingatkan x tau what mosque is, beria saya defined, she said, she perfectly knows what mosque is  but she is not aware of any.
Oookk.... thats maybe a BIG problem.

If that is d case, we looked for hijabi lady. We bumped into 2 of ladies in their 20s in from of tesco.
Pendekkan cerita, they lead us halfway n wrote instruction in d tablet. Awhhh so sweet of them.

Then, we exchange fb id. Hahaha..

On d way to find d Robert Hooke building, we took d wrong turn. Duh.
A lady with a big bag and strong cockney accent (agaknyala), asked, r u lost?

Sangatla helpful omputeh ni..

We managed to find d room. Tapi nak masuk kena ada code. Duh..
We asked d passersby, they do not know, one of them suggested to ask the receptionist at d museum next door.

Ada museum rupanya
Jap.. layan gambar bilik solat dulu

 It is big n spacious.
D building itself is very beautiful.

The museum is awesome!
Rasa nak melompat kijang 44 hari 44 malam.
Nanti gambar akan diupload bila jumpa pc

Besides, sepanjang jalan Uda n I x henti2 tersengih... Goshhhh...
D building r amazing, d houses r spectacular.
D campus itself cpmprises of many universities.
It was a dream comes true for both of us.

Gambar nanti eh..

Furthermore, bila pusing kat Oxford ni, rasa macam semua benda familiar.
Ye lah..
Banyak beno buku2 cerita yg settingnya kat University of Oxford ni.
For example..
St Gilles remind u of what?

Ooohh I just love Oxford.

After praying we headed back to d bus.
N errr.. did a bit of shopping.

I bought a Clark moss green n black slingbag for £34.99. Very value for money.
Primark pun ada kat sini, n rows of shops.


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