Thursday, October 30, 2014

Another cramps rambling.

Couple of painkilers and a jap later, here I am.
On d light green bed, facing white walls which need re-paint badly.

I read this book though

Like all Trigiani's books, it revolves around Italian close-knit families.

The thing is, I always thought family is d pillar of strength for everyone. Blood is thicker than water, or so to speak.

As I got older, I realised that family love is a myth.
When u were small, there r certain values instilled by your parents.
The same values for each siblings, which supposed to make u bonded.

Then you grow up, fell apart.
One day u had time to reflect.
It dawned on u, 

They do not even show up on your birthday.
Never thanked you for d birthday presents you carefully chosen.
Do not bother to call, to send cards either.
Indeed, they just never care.

They might do not attend your funeral too.


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