Sunday, October 26, 2014


Arif had been admitted since last Thursday. In a way, I spent most of my free time, visiting him.

He was quite positive about everything n we laughed lots.
Not something I want to elaborate at this point of time.

Someone innocently thanked me about something on Thursday.
I smell rat n hey...
I  put on my candy-coated gracious smile.
Let just say, skill berlakon saya semakin baguss.
Glad I was right about those fakeness because d next day he was not half as nice.

Why do people think that they could get away by putting up nonsense is beyond me.

Azam told me about his meeting with that particular someone.
(Saya tulis supaya tak lupa)
It did not go well.
Anyway from d start I had remind them, there is no magic in d real world, so never expect one.

"Would u blame me if your grade is not as good as ur peers?", goshhh...
"Nope", they responded uninamously. I almost errr... just misty eyes.
  Kenot krai wan.

Aida wanted to chip in. I stopped her.
They were puzzled.

"No point. Your word is only do us good BEFORE it went out. If u utter it now, that is simply outrageous! I've ask you before, why didnt you give me d papers?"

"I do not know that errr.. " she stammered.
Oh come on. A telltale signs!

"There is a saying, strike d iron when it is hot. You should spare d evidence on that day. Since you did not, do not say it aloud again. Matter closed" I answered, hopeful d kids would understand.

I never dare to hope they ended up being rich n famous.
My only hope they would uphold justice. Be sensible n full of integrity.

"So, let us have a play instead", they roared.

Suddenly life is back to its perfectly normal pattern.
Despite going up n down to d hospital twice a day.
Besides d ups and down of my social(?) life
I still feeling jolly good.

There is no rat up there.
At least I hope He knows,
Makcik bizi takder masa nak layan drama uols.


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