Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I meant to blog about him since last week.

I told him I remembered him from d new officer intake course some 10 or 15 years ago. I do not remember which, cause there were two courses for our batch. There were not many Chinese Male, n he loved posing questions during class. That was it.

We attended a meeting in Ampang in February. He was his usual self, banyak tanya n very helpful. Always acted as d class monitor.

Back then he was boyish n lanky. 10 or 15 years later, he is still boyish at times haha, but lanky no more. The sign of old age I guess.

Back in June, we were destined to meet again, in another meeting in Melaka. As before, he did pose lots of provoking questions to d panels. Haha. Good for him.

Knowing that we r coming from d same state, gigihla saya bersmall talk gitu...
He is nice to talk to. 

Last Friday we had another state level meeting. Naturally, we mingled with everyone. It just that during lunch  we were asked to sit in a group. I might menyelit to other groups if not for d boss who insisted us to sit together, to discuss. 

I was d only Malay in d group of 7 and in a way, I felt a bit awkward. Dont blame me. I m a product of Malay School, stayed in Malay communities n now working in 100% Malay School. I sat next to Chan, because he was d only one I think I know quite well compared to others. Despite, I dont think he knows my name.

The lunch went well, but itu bukan motif saya tulis entri ni
(Tredmak, intro panjang sebatu)

After lunch I had to recharge d tablet. Since I sat in d middle, I approached a Chinese lady in red rose baju kurung who sat next to powerpoint to look after my tablet. She smiled willingly.

The powerpoint is quite high n d charger wire is short, being malas nak memikir punya orang, I just put d tablet on d chair back. The table is out of reach n the chairs r berat giler, tak mungkin saya mengangkatnya, so I just risked d safety of my 10inch tablet.

We had a few mins break between session.
Bila saya toleh ke tablet, goshhhhh...
Tablet tu bukan lagi terjongket2 kat atas penyandar kerusi yang kalau tersinggung sikit pun konfem jatuh bergolek.
Seseorang telah menyusun 3 buah kerusi berat dan letakkan tablet dengan selamat.

Tapi siapa?
Perempuan Cina tu pointed to Chan n naturally, I mouthed  "thnx".

Now, pernah x korang buat macam tu pada orang?
Hulurkan pertolongan tanpa diminta, tak kira bangsa n agama.

It might b small to others tapi it would never go unnotice.

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