Friday, October 31, 2014

Crocodile tears

Might be it is end of year thingy.
Thinking about d piled up undone task just make me jumpy.
D trusted lappy choose this time to ... well play hide n seek.

Suddenly we had this extra mushy gathering.
If anything, I just hate fake people.
Please stop those crocodile tears, because d life of me

There r those who r really honest though. 
Whose sincerity is never questionable.
They had my warm hugs n kisses.

There some who are on d sidelines.
Whining non-stop n put on their antenna high up.
Looking for juicy gossips, someone to suck up, someone to defame.

There r someone who look at you. n smiled warmly.
There those who glared, think of u as a mere dirts on their cap-ayam-shoes.
There r people who smirked. 
There r people who smiled sweetly while asking you lots of personal questions.
To be shared with d rest of d world.

There is someone though, who came n asked, "How r u?"
"Been looking for you yesterday, I thought you might like to have this yadayada."

Be thankful.

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