Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dah lama tak buat kerja ni...

Sejak 2010 kot...
Sebelum ni setiap tahun mesti buat. In d beginning, my ex-boss, Kak Sha yang paksa ( sentap tau!)..
Sebab dia boss, semua orang berlari2 buat, jadi bolehla Norizan jadi passenger. 

When she left, I did it on my own not because saya rajin sangat, partly d kids like it so much, mainly, d kids were overly enthusiactic when it comes to games.

If I were d boss like Kak Sha, harusla saya bossing everyone around. Since I were not, d kids helped me out. Some were great, some ill-prepared and some even not-keen-on-being-a-team-player. 

Cest la Vie.

Whatever it is, I hope they had a great time.
I did!

Layan pics
Ecah n Tengku, I admired their effort

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